Wish your company Good luck!

Thank you very much for the trip you arranged for us. The Gosainkunda trek was amazing despite the headache. It was like cleansing for us.

So, we are heading to airport, that’s why everything in my script looks not so goodJ

We still in a trip and waiting for Lumbini and Varanasi and hope everything would as fine as previous ones.

A few words on our guide – Chandra- very strong guy, he was super good. When we were at 4200, I have lost all my strength because of the headache and he ran to the lodge, then back and helped in carrying my bag.

Also thanks for your nice meeting us as guests in your house. We wish your daughter, who was with us, luck and good study in a high school.

We wish you and your company many luck and good development.


By Dmitry and Lena from Russia on 2012-10-16