About Us

Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition offers value for money tours: but we do not beleive in cutting our itineraries and services to the bone just to make a sale. In the end we feel responsible for your enjoyment during your time with us. The people who work with us are amongst the most experienced and knowledgable in their particular field in Nepal and we have very few complaints. On the odd occassion that we do, we discuss the problem and come to an agreement.

Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition offers knowledgable and personal service: From the very first contact you make with us, you are speaking to people who know what they are talking about, we do not run a sales department where enquiries are passed around, we deal directly with you. For those wishing to have a more personal package, we share our knowledge to tailor itineraries to suit your needs.

Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition shares some of its success with those less fortunate: We believe strongly that opportunity should be there for everyone, regardless of status. We are actively involved in a programme that assists formerly uneducated people who live in the remote areas of Nepal.We assist with the provision of education facilities along with health and environment awareness programmes. If you require more information about these projects? please contact us, we would be pleased to share more information with you.

Company Profile

Min Thapa Magar
Managing Director and Founder
Tanahu, Nepal

Years Trekking in Nepal? 

My first time trekking I worked for a British group on a camping trip around Annapurna, about 25 years ago. As a young man, I worked for many years with various trekking groups mainly as a Sherpa but sometimes I had to carry heavy loads. As I gained experience I moved on to working as a cooking assistant on treks and then gradually as an assistant guide. After improving my English and getting experience on subsequent number of treks, I acquired my guiding licence and became a guide. I spent almost 11 years as a guide and over those years gained a considerable amount of knowledge. Finally I decided to open a trekking agency with a couple of good friends who were also experienced guides. Now I feel extremely lucky and happy to be working with an international community and to have so many friends from all over the world.

Favorite Trek? 
It is extremely difficult to say to choose from multiple choices, but when it comes to it, although the Annapurna area has changed a lot with the new road up to Muktinath, it is still my favorite trek. As you slowly walk your way up through many different villages, rivers and jungles you are able to see a wide range of diversity of both landscape and people, from Hindu farmers in the south, to Buddhist Lama’s in the north in the Manang Valley.Eventually you reach your highest point, the Thorong La Pass at 5416 mtrs, the views of the mountains when crossing the pass are simply amazing. After that you pass into another world, with ever changing scenery and villages. Beautiful landscapes, hot springs, temples and monasteries along the way,it truly makes me feel that I am in a magical place.

What else to do in Nepal?
I love to get off the beaten track and head to more remote places. In Nepal you can reach far away places by both plane and helicopter. Not all people are able to trek for weeks, so for those not able to I enjoy taking them to places which they wouldn’t think they could ever get to. Even renting a plane and taking a flight around the mountains, can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to share together.

Jim Booth
Chairman, England


Years trekking in Nepal? 

I have been to Nepal about 25-30 times. Many years ago, I came to Nepal to lead a British Army group on an expedition to Mount Everest. I have also worked for many years side by side with the British Gurkhas. I have been lucky to climb many mountains and wish to climb many more…

Favorite trek?
I am more of a mountain climber than a trekker, but definitely the Everest Region is my favorite area.

What else to do in Nepal?
Nepal feels like home to me and I have made many friends and family along the way. I love the Nepali people and their culture and also have involved myself in their communities through different social and charitable activities.

Khem Raj Ranabhat

(Marketing Director,Live in London, UK )

Contact Number : +447587340276, E-mail : khemraj100@gmail.com, Chief Editor of nepaliwave.com as an popular online portal. Director of Well Connections UK Ltd. Director of Delight Manpower Agency, Ex- General Secretary of NRNA Portugal. Ex- Vice President Of Nepali People Coordination Committee.


Paul Hills
(Manchester, UK)

Paul works for Trailfinders in the U.K.He and many of his friends have been trekking with us many times.

Years Trekking in Nepal?
My very first trek in Nepal was  around Annapurna in 2003 . It was truly an amazing trek,an experience which will remain with me intact forever. With my guide and porter, experiencing the local culture and tradition and seeing the best views of the Himalaya was simply awesome. After that great first trip, I was soon back to the Himalaya to do the Annapurna circuit again followed by great Everest Base Camp trek, Helambu trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill trek and more.
Favorite Trek?
To pick just one trek is impossible for me. Everywhere I have gone has been an amazing adventure I will never forget. However, I would have to say the trip that I made to EBC is still my favourite as it felt me truly awarding with amazing experiences that cannot be forgotten in my lifetime.

What else to do in Nepal?
Many, many things to do in Nepal. Besides Trekking, probably there cannot be any better place for mountaineering and Mountain expedition than Nepal. White water rafting, Jungle safari, paragliding, Bungee Jump are just a few to name but there are many more to explore and experience.

Jonny Wiles
(London, UK.)


Jonny also works for trailfinders,he has been with us twice in the past,one time to the Annapurna Sanctuary and Base Camp and also he travelled with us to Bhutan.

Years Trekking in Nepal?

My first visit to Nepal was in 2006. Despite being my first visit, the friendly and hospitable people truly made me feel as if I had been there many times before. The first trek I did was to Annapurna Base camp which was greatly admirable for the stunning scenery, rich culture of the region and hospitable and ever welcoming people. I have visited Nepal again and have done Bhutan trip too which aniother fantastic experience.
Favorite Trek?
It surely has to the Annapurna Trek for the memories that I had. The beautiful mountains, people with their homely and friendly nature and everything you see in the area is just great.

What else to do in Nepal?
I have greatly enjoyed visiting Kathmandu. The temples, the market, the festivals are something that are really worth seeing. The art and architecture are truly amazing. Besides, jungle safari, white water rafting, mountain flight, mountaineering, and many more adventures are what Nepal has to offer. Nepal can be the best place to start your Bhutan and Tibet Tours.

(Marketing Director,Moscow Russia.)

Years trekking in Nepal?
First time I visited Nepal in 2007 and it started with a great flight Moscow – Deli – NepalGandzh – Jumla. Then there was an incredible 19 days journey to RaRa Lake. It was chosen not randomly. My name is ZaRa. After that I came back home to Moscow with the same route. It happened so that I didn’t visit Katmandu that time. Everything that I saw in Nepal can hardly be expressed with words. They lost their meanings for me that time.

Favorite trek?
My favorite trek is of course National Park RaRa… and National Park Khabtad with its ashram Khabtad Baba. Om Namah Shivaya! That was the second time I was in Nepal. I visited Katmandu and understood what extreme means in Nepal…

What else to do in Nepal?
Nepal opens up absolutely with different sides of perception. Let one decides what to do here all by himself. And our team will help You to make your dreams come true.