Years trekking in Nepal?

First time I visited Nepal in 2007 and it started with a great flight Moscow – Deli – NepalGandzh – Jumla. Then there was an incredible 19 days journey to RaRa Lake. It was chosen not randomly. My name is ZaRa. After that I came back home to Moscow with the same route. It happened so that I didn’t visit Katmandu that time. Everything that I saw in Nepal can hardly be expressed with words. They lost their meanings for me that time.

Favorite trek?
My favorite trek is of course National Park RaRa… and National Park Khabtad with its ashram Khabtad Baba. Om Namah Shivaya! That was the second time I was in Nepal. I visited Katmandu and understood what extreme means in Nepal…

What else to do in Nepal?
Nepal opens up absolutely with different sides of perception. Let one decides what to do here all by himself. And our team will help You to make your dreams come true.