It is possible to view Everest from the comfort of an plane on a mountain flight, it is even possible to see it as a speck far off in the distance from the Kathmandu Valley Rim on a clear day, but for many getting up close and personal to this monster of a mountain is the only way to truly experience the highest mountain in the world.

The trek up to base camp not only has some great views along the way, it also provides a great opportunity to experience Sherpa culture at close hand. This hardy race shaped both by the weather and the environment travelled south from Tibet to Nepal around six hundred years ago and they are the main ethnic group in the region. Add in those fantastic mountain views, it is no wonder that a journey to E.B.C. is considered to be one of the best treks available in Nepal. The trek from Lukla follows an up and down route that takes the trekker through some fascinating settlements and ancient monasteries on route. It is well worth the effort to reach E.B.C., people are rewarded by some amazing close up views of some of the highest mountains on earth.


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