This remote, rugged land of elevated open valley, long ridges, temperate forests, alpine meadows and virgin rivers was one of the nurtured kingdom’s of Khas Mallas in the 14th century. The region still hold the remnants of a by gone era with many sculptured temples, stone pillars and the folk songs sung by the people. Rafting down the Bheri, a  major tributary of Karnali river is an exhilarating experience as well as personal as the area is seldom visited by Westerners. The ultimate conclusion of the trip to Karnali Tented Camp inside the Bardiya National park but before that you spend a delightful few days trekking in the Lake Rara region.The lake is extroadinary, it is the largest in Nepal situated at an altitude of 9,800ft above Karnali valley and is only prevented from emptying into it by a huge natural 3,000ft dam
The area has been declared a national park and is notable for its wild,exceptional scenery. Blue sheep and snow leopards have been sighted. West Nepal is much more primitive, under developed and wilder than the rest of the country. The terrain is also more jagged and steep with deep valleys and gorges. Those who trek this area must be prepared for much more primitive conditions than elsewhere in Nepal. Throughout West Nepal there are numerous Malla monuments. Much of our way lies on an important trading route to Tibet and we are likely to see sheep and goats used as pack animals. To reach Rara we cross Churchi Lekh which is covered by snow in the spring and spend a day or two exploring the lake region before turning south Jumla, the district center with its busy bazaar from where we fly back to Nepalgunj.
The best of Mountain, river and jungle Adventure in the far west.


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