Suggested Equipment list


  • Medium weight walking boots
  • A pair of trainers
  • Warm jacket  preferably down
  • A Waterproof  jacket and trousers (not a poncho)
  • Warm shirts/tops
  • Fleece tops
  • A pair of light weight trousers. Jeans are unsuitable to wear on
  • A pair of Heavyweight trousers are useful higher up in the mountains if trekking above 3000m
  • Walking poles
  • Thermal underwear top and leggings. These are excellent to sleep in at night in the winter months and for cold days
  • 1 pair of loose fitting long shorts/ skirts
  • 1 lightweight long sleeved -shirt is particularly suitable for avoiding sun burn
  • A woollen hat to wear in the morning and at night
  • A sunhat and ensure it has a wide brim to cover the face and neck
  • A pair of substantial gloves and spare lightweight gloves
  • 1 pair of sandals to wear in the cities and in camp
  • 2 pairs of thin and 2 pair of thick woollen socks
  • Underwear” normal quantity and hankies

 Equipment and Accessories

  • Duffle bag or kit bag to carry gear while trekking
  • 4 season sleeping bag
  • General daypack to carry personal requirements for the day e.g.
    toilet items, camera, waterproofs gloves etc
  • Water bottle. Minimum 1litre + spare
  • Sunglasses, Sun lotion cream
  • First aid kit/personal medicine, particularly Imodium and Dioralite
  • Toiletries, lightweight travel towel large. Toilet paper
  • Headlamp and/ or torch with spare batteries
  • Short gaiters essential during winter and all treks going over 4000m at other times
  • An umbrella (optional), which is quite useful to use as a sunshade and useful
    when it rains
  • Reading materials, camera and film. Optional: game items, note book, rubber
    bands, pen and pencil a pocket knife
  • Ziplock bags medium
  • Pee bottle (very optional)
  • Water purification tablets
  • Hand cleansing Gel 


What's included ?

What's not included ?