Equipment for Peak Climbing in Nepal

The following is a list of personal equipment you will need to bring with you neccessary for climbing many of the trekking peaks in Nepal.The company provides all ropes needed for the particular climb you are attempting including fixed ropes and main ropes and all the camping equipment needed.If you do not have the items listed below, it is easier to purchase the equipment here in Kathmandu prior to you setting off to the particular peak.

Rope (provided by us)

Mountain climbers use ropes to hike over snowy or steep terrain. When traveling across glaciers, a rope will protect against falls into unseen crevasses. On rocky, steep slopes, a rope will catch you if you slip.

Ice Axe

Mountaineers use ice axes for balance on snow and ice and to catch themselves if they slip or fall. Your ice ax should be as long as the distance between your hand and the ground when you stand up straight. Ice climbing axes are shorter than mountaineering axes, so be aware when you are choosing one.


Crampons are metal frames with spikes in the bottom that fit over your boots. Crampons allow you to walk across snow and ice without slipping. Crampons come in a variety of designs for different uses. Semi-rigid steel frames are best for general mountaineering. Choose crampons based on the activity you will be doing and bring your climbing boots with you to test different models.

Climbing Harness

When using your rope, you will need a climbing harness to tie in to. Your harness should have adjustable leg and waist belts that fit you snugly.

Ice Screws (provided by us)

Mountaineers attach ice screws to the ice as they traverse dangerous sections of terrain, attaching their rope to the screw to catch them in case of a fall. Bring at least one ice screw per person if you anticipate crossing large stretches of ice.

Other personal items needed:

Down Sleeping Bag 1/1 (can be bought or hired in Kathmandu)

Down Jacket (can be bought or hired in Kathmandu)

Climbing boots (good brand needed / can also be purchased here)


Stick -1 set

Harness – 1 set

Get up (Boot cover) 1 set

Snow Glasses –

Head Light  x 2

Wind Proof Jacket

Wind Proof Trouser

Water Bottle

Woolen Glove

Bag Cover

Wind mask for climbing

Climbing gloves x 2 best quality

Socks for climbing – 6 pairs

Personal Medicine

Eight finger



What's included ?

What's not included ?