Fantastic experience!

This was simply the best start to our travels we could have hoped for. Min was very patient and informative when we needed him to be. Extremely punctual and caring in his business affairs, as well as putting us at ease that everything would be taken care of.

Whilst on the trail, Ramesh was the greatest guide and I could sense the envy in other trekkers that we had such an informed, energetic and relaxed guide. I can’t recommend him and our porter (Dubeese) enough. The level of conscientiousness was a step up from anything I have personally ever experienced. We were never rushed or ever felt we had to push ourselves harder than we needed to. In fact as a result of Ramesh’s insight and experience we ascended with little to no feelings of altitude sickness, which was the thing we were most dubious of.

This has been a fantastic experience. Thank you so much for your care and consideration.

Warm regards,


By Tim from on 2015-03-19