Absolutely wonderful!

I would like to start by saying how thankful we are to Paul Hills at Trailfinders Manchester for putting us in contact with you.

We have had the most amazing time in Nepal and we owe that to you, your wonderful family and friends at Boundless Himalayas Trekking.

Whilst here we did the Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek where we witnessed some breathtaking views and enjoyed the company of you and your brother Jamie who taught us some of the joys of Nepalese culture ‘Dhal Bhat, Black Tea & Roksie’ ha-ha.

Following our trek we felt very privileged to be invited to your home town Dubung. This was a truly unique experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. In the village we were invited into the homes of all the people living there and gained true knowledge of how Nepalese people live. Everyone there made us feel very welcome treating us as if we were their own.

On return to Kathmandu we were honored to be invited to your family home for dinner. The food was by far the best we have tasted in Nepal! And your family was some of the loveliest people we have met on our travels!

I am certain we will stay in touch! If any of your family would like to visit us in England we would love to meet them!

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And keep in touch – designerach@gmail.com


By Rachel & George from Manchester, England on