Collection of fabulous memories!
By Don and Sheelagh Salter from UK on 2019-10-21

Min what a great trip you organized for us on our first visit to Nepal. At all times you, your […]

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What a fantastic group of people
By David and Sylvia Hider from UK on 2019-10-20

Did anything and everything possible. Pleasure to meet Min and what a super guide Chandra Parajuli and porter Tol have […]

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What a beautiful experience!!
By Ben Luds from Saudi Arabia on 2019-10-16

Everything was really well arrange from Kathmandu, trekking, transport, hotels – I was just with guide and it was fantastic […]

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A great company
By Davide Santini, Italy from Italy on 2019-05-02

Boundless Himalayas is the great company that organizes the craziest tours in the world!

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Thank you for your services!
By Daniele Sala from Italy on 2019-05-02

Thank you for having us brought to EBC with our mountain bikes # Sisipuofare

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Lifetime experience
By Paulo Terraneo from Italy on 2019-05-02

A wonderful experience in a lifetime, enriched by the group of excellent travel staffs and cycling guides to EBC. With […]

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Crazy experience…great company
By Giacomo Galliani from Italy on 2019-05-02

A crazy experience that only an Agency like Boundless Himalayas could support. A special group that entered new history right […]

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Boundless Himalayas made everything happen!
By Jacopo Boscaini from Italy on 2019-05-02

Definitely the toughest and the most astonished experiences in my life during EBC trip by mountain bike. Nine friends were […]

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Most beautiful experiences of my life!
By Paolo Franceschini from Italy on 2019-05-02

One of the most beautiful experiences of my life of reaching Everest Base Camp by Mountain Bike. Thanks a lot […]

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Nice company and team!
By Poggiolini Diego from Italy on 2019-04-29

Really well  prepared everything beforehand ready to tackle any difficulties in different situations. Thanks a lot to Mr. Min and […]

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