Trip full of fun for everyone

Dear Mr. Min,

The whole family asked me to write something about our experiences. First of all we would like to thank you and everyone, the porter, guides and cooks for the great experience. It was fun for everyone, young & old. Even the elderly had a great time with the Royal trek. You personally made sure that all our wishes were fulfilled. Nice food, good accommodations, splendid views, lots of drinking, singing and dancing. Of course such good views helped to keep the mood and atmosphere top notch !
Everyone was very friendly and was ready to listen tour every whim.
We had a great time and will miss the country and people that taught us all so much.
Thanks again and we will recommend to all our friends in Europe.Greetings and Namaste


By Jos and Willeke, Jasper, Sheila and Wim, Tomas and Anne, Hans from Netherlands on 2011-10-28