Truly awesome holiday in Nepal

Dear Min,
Thank you so much for what has been a truly awesome holiday. I’ve had so much fun, experienced lots of things which are far removed from anything I have ever done before.
I have never felt so welcome in a foreign country as you made me, inviting me & Marie into your home not once but twice!! And filling us to bursting- dherai mitho! I am very glad to have met your lovely family.
Trekking with Shankar, Jivan & Nara was fantastic. Jivan & Nara were strong & very patient with us, whilst Shankar was a great guide – we learnt a lot from him. The views were amazing, despite the weather, and we both enjoyed it very much.
You have gone so far out of your way to make this a great trip & to cater to every need & want. I have never felt so well looked-after! I will definitely be coming back, maybe to Annapurna this time! I wish you and your family the best of luck and health, and hope to come back for more momos in the future!
Dhanyabad !


By James Lawrence from London, UK on 2010-09-23