Fantastic landscape of the Manasarovar Lake

Lake Manasarovar

We were a few worry about climbing the Mount Kailash, but all passed very well. We had great wheather and it happened a lot of excitements.

For most of us, the bad weather in Simikot allowed a baothem in helicopter and all the staff was very very kind = porters, sirdars, cook and guide.

Tibet is very wide and desertic country with many colors and we enjoy every much the fantastic landscape of the Mansarovar lake. For Mount Kailash, it was a few difficult but successful!

A very good trek !

Thank you very much a famous team was with us, a French group very enjoyed with team of Mongolian Trekking (Chuda and Jiban) around Kailash from Simikot — Claudine Rubin


By Dominique Fraisse, Louis Fraisse, Marius Bovet, Odile Rachex, Muriel Rubin from France on 2013-06-16