One of the more incredible treks in southeast Asia

Langtang is one of the more incredible treks we’ve done in southeast Asia. Our guide, Chhabbi, is perhaps the kindest person we could ever have hoped to travel with.We can’t say enough good things about him in the space remaining on this page. One story may help to illustrate his helpfulness. While returning from Kyangin Gompa my knee became injured (existing injury from long ago) and after cutting a walking stick for me, Chhabi refused to allow me to continue until I gave him much of the weight from my pack which he then added to my wife’s pack which he’d been carrying both directions. Chhabi is an excellent guide and extremely knowledgeable of the area and people. He went above the call of duty on numerous occasions in order to make our trip everything that it possibly could be.


By Valued Customer from on 2002-03-29