Worthy services of Boundless Himalayas

Although incredibly excited to head to Bhutan tomorrow, it is with a heavy heart! Why? Because Min and his “Boundless Family” have become my family over the last month, and I will miss them so very much.

Travelling as a single 62 year old, my Nepali family have gone above and beyond to make my visit to Nepal and Tibet nothing short of spectacular. I am confident that my journey through Bhutan that has been organized with “Boundless” will be equally wonderful.

From the patience of Jiban, when my arthritic knee flared up during trek, to the safe and trusty driving of Arjun, the amazing knowledgeable guide of Vijay, the fun, youthful, spirited porter of Sujan and to the boss – Min – who oversaw every little detail to make my stay fruitful & memorable – the Boundless Family came through for me 100%

I take my leave from “The Hills” with a deeper understanding of the culture, history, religion, legends, peoples and geographic beauty.

I sincerely thank all in my new found family and will definitely encourage all friends & family to visit Nepal and use the worthy services of Boundless Himalayas. What an awesome month I have had!


By Aloha ! Jill Kailua from Hawaii on 2014-04-30