Mt. Everest Expedition from Tibet has turned out to be one of the popular expedition routes among the mountaineers

Mt. Everest Expedition from Tibet has turned out to be one of the popular expedition route among the mountaineers from all over the world to make their reverie come true to reach to the peak of Everest (8848m). From the North Col, mountaineers need to pay low fees and the path is also comparatively easier that is the reason people choose to go this way instead of the South Col.
In Mt. Everest Expedition from Tibet, you will drive from Kathmandu to reach at Kodari which falls in the border between Tibet/China. Driving all along the Himalayas and traversing the Tibetan raised ground we will reach Chinese Base Camp of Mount Everest. The path possibly will be very grubby and uneven depending on the weather. We will also walk passing the bridges, vertical road sections as well as streams. Mt. Everest was first summated by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary in 1953 by way of the South Col. At Zhangmu we will take one extra rest day to become accustomed with high altitude and two days at Nylam lying at 3750m. Then we will drive to Tingri (4350m) where we rest for 2 days for acclimatization. Then we will drive to the Chinese base camp of Mt Everest.
We arrive at ABC lying at 6400m then we walk to the east Rongbuk glacier and then we have snowy incline to get to the North Col located at 7000m. Here we set our camp 1 and then we again climb to the height of 7400m.where we will set our camp 2. Then we will have a little bit tricky path from camp 2 to camp. At the elevation of 7900m, we will set our camp 3. Then there is a middle angled snow slopes to climb on dual rocks until we arrive at camp 4 at 8400m. After that the route is blended with rocks as well as snow steps. We need to use the rope to climbthe Col before the ultimate summit of Everest.
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