Explore the unforgettable Himalayan Trekking Tours in 2019 with Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition


At some point or the other every individual might have wondered about Himalayan trekking tours. Himalayas has always been one of the most sought destinations with breathtaking vistas of the mountains and the serene valleys. Himalaya is known for the highest mountains in the globe and most of the trekkers set out straight towards Everest Base Camp which is standout amongst the most loved treks. We at Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition have been operating trekking tours to Himalayas since more than nineteen years. We are popular among all our cherished clients for our care to detail and the service we offer to the people who travel with us.

Why Himalaya would be the best destination for trekking?

The Himalaya is the world’s mightiest mountain system that encloses nine of globe’s ten highest peaks and extending more than 2500Kms across India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Pakistan. With long associated great adventurers and mountaineers, this is a place like no other! It is a remote, majestic and romantic place.

If you are searching for classic Himalayan trekking tours, head to Nepal’s Annapurna region for a classic trek through lush foothills and Hindu villages or walking among rhododendron forests, fluttering prayer flags, as well as iconic peaks as you trek towards Mount Everest Base Camp.

Annapurna Circuit trek- A life-changing trekking experience!

Hiking or trekking Annapurna circuit trek is one of the most stunningly gorgeous, life-changing experiences you can have on your travel list. Here, we at Boundless Himalayas Trekking and Expedition want to convey you that Annapurna Circuit is one of the finest trekking practices in Nepal you should opt for.

Annapurna circuit trek will take you profound into the Himalayan heartlands. It is not one of the easiest treks but with a little effort, you can have the best panoramic view of the Himalayan giants. Covering more than 160Kms, Annapurna circuit Trek is a study of nature amidst Nepal.

We at Boundless Himalayas Trekking & Expedition mainly focus on organizing high Trans Himalayan Trekking through out the Nepal. If you want to hire us as your trekking operator then get-in-touch with us now!