The Ganesh range is situated very close to the Tibetan border and it is home to some very beautiful high valleys that offer some splendid trekking in a remote area where tourism has not yet taken hold. The region is only now being developed as a trekking region and then only for camping groups. People of the region are generally very friendly and quite happy to see  new faces that bring a benefit to the local economy. The trek is a fairly difficult one so you need to be fit but if you are looking for a trek that is different and challenging in a region where the pace of life has changed little over the years it is well worth considering this option.

The trail begins from Trishuli Bazzar and very soon after starting the trek people are climbing steeply up through dense forest to a ridge where the hidden valleys can be clearly seen.The trek travels through some fine alpine conditions with some tremendous mountain views as well as pine forests and meadows past flat roofed settlements towards our destination of Ghorka. We camp overnight here before driving back to Kathmandu the following day.


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